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Lev Vygotsky: Revolutionary Scientist 

By Fred Newman and Lois Holzman

“Routledge’s Critical Psychology Series has produced another landmark… a provocative and accessible introduction to the early Soviet psychologist’s life and work, as well as to current Vygotskian research.” – Australian Journal of Psychology

The current debate in psychology and politics over the possibility for human development has sparked a renewed interest in the work of the brilliant Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky. Newman and Holzman are among the few contemporary followers of Vygotsky to explore the potential of his Marxist methodology to transform psychology and education. The 2013 Psychology Press Classic Edition contains a new introduction by Lois Holzman outlining the changes that have occurred since its first appearance in 1993. (Routledge, 2013) $49.95  BUY NOW


Talk/Talk: Fred Newman and Jackie Salit Making (Non) Sense of an Irrational World
edited by John Opdycke


For years, Fred Newman and Jacqueline Salit--two leading activists and intellectuals within the independent political movement -- watched the political talk shows and discussed them over coffee. In early 2005, they began transcribing these conversations and distributing them to their friends and followers. Over the years, their "talk about the talk" developed into a popular weekly missive distributed via e-mail to tens of thousands of readers worldwide. Making (Non) Sense of an Irrational World is a compilation of some of their most popular and thought provoking discussions from the last five years $16.00  BUY NOW


The End of Knowing: A New Developmental Way of Learning
By Fred Newman and Lois Holzman

“Newman and Holzman take the postmodern discussion beyond its usual focus on words, discourses and narratives to more closely examine what it means to communicate in transformative ways.” – Tom Strong, University of Calgary

Throughout the modern era, a period of explosive growth and technological achievement, knowledge was king and understood to be the engine of human progress. But what if knowing has become an impediment to further human development? The End of Knowing addresses the practical question of how to reconstruct our world in the wake of modernism’s colossal failure to solve social problems. Newman and Holzman propose “the end of knowing,” in favor of “performed activity” and present the positive implications of this approach for social and educational policy. (Routledge, 1997) $28.00  BUY NOW


Let's Develop A Guide to Continuous Personal Growth
by Fred Newman and Phyllis Goldberg

In a culture of "getting," the little book that keeps on giving is back. The 2010 edition of Fred Newman's LET'S DEVELOP has a forward by Patch Adams (the peripatetic, clowning MD) and new introduction by Lois Holzman. Based on 25 years of clinical practice and his discovery that people can reinitiate development at any stage in life, Newman urges his readers to eschew insights, explanations or getting to the "bottom" of deep-rooted emotional problems and seek their cure in development. (Castillo International, 1994) $18.95  BUY NOW


Unscientific Psychology: A Cultural-Performatory Approach to Understanding Human Life
By Fred Newman and Lois Holzman

“A philosophical tour de force…from ancient Greece to modern science and scientific psychology.” –Theory & Psychology

Western Philosophy is dead. Yet its assumptions and presuppositions disguised as science  live on in modernist psychology. Arguing that psychology is a pseudoscientific hoax, the authors deconstruct three of psychology’s most powerful myths: the myth of the individual, of mental illness, and of development. More than a critique of mainstream psychology, Newman and Holzman present a methodology for reconstructing psychology as a developmental and community-building activity. (Praeger, 1996, $65.95 hardcover; iUniverse, 2006, $19.95 paperback)  BUY NOW


Performance of a Lifetime: A Practical-Philosophical Guide to the Joyous Life
by Fred Newman and Phyllis Goldberg

In the sequel to Let's Develop!, Newman shows the way to living joyously through philosophizing. He teaches non-philosophers how to engage in the activity of philosophizing — what he calls asking big questions about little things. Through practical example, Newman shares with his readers how appreciating the banal and the magic of everyday life can be a profoundly joyous experience. (Castillo International, 1996) $11.95  BUY NOW


Still on the Corner and other Postmodern Political Plays
by Fred Newman, edited by Dan Friedman

The publication of this collection of plays by Fred Newman makes available for the first time a unique and ground-breaking body of dramatic work written between 1986 and 1997 and produced by the Castillo Theatre in New York City. (Out of Print)


The Myth of Psychology
This book documents an anti-psychology movement and a clinical methodology which treat patients as revolutionary, i.e. able to change their emotionality and their world. In this fascinating and unorthodox book, Dr. Fred Newman, the founder of social therapy, explodes the myths on which the whole of Eurocentric psychology is based. (Out of Print)