Muller in America

Marlene Katz 
Theatre Communications Group
November 2002

NEW YORK CITY: So what would Shakespeare say if he came to see the Castillo Theater's current production of Hamletmachine? "He'd probably ask, 'Why would Heiner Muller do a deconstruction of Hamlet, when Hamlet was a deconstruction of all previous plays?", chuckles director Fred Newman. "But I think he'd like it." According to Newman , Hamletmachine (written by the late postmodern German playwright) offers more than a harsh dismantling of the Bard's Hamlet. Newman believes the poetic, highly metaphorical play, which depicts the fierce 20th-century struggle of communism versus facism and the catastrophic suffering it imposed, is "profoundly relevant to understanding what is happening in the worl today." Hamletmachine runs through Nov. 10, with (from left in photo) Kenneth Hughes, Thecla Farrell and Marian Rich.

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